Agroemex attends the V World gastronomy forum

By, Chef Isadora Rivera


Last Thursday, October 5, I began my participation in the World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy held at CENART, where Gerardo (company representative) and I, presented the Ecotierra brand products of the company Agroemex, where the product main is the sesame.

The products we presented were: Sesame toasted, raw sesame oil, clear sesame oil, dark sesame oil, sesame flour and pasilla chile sauce. My participation consisted in developing different recipes where you could demonstrate and appreciate the different uses that can be given to the products, because in Mexico, products such as oil and sesame flour are little used.


The snacks that were prepared were the following:


- Spinach salad with fruits and cream cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette of clear sesame oil.


- Spinach salad with artichoke, cherry tomato, walnut and cream cheese with balsamic vinaigrette of dark sesame oil.


- Mini meatballs in sesame cream with pasilla chili sauce.

Tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms, ranchero cheese and mozarella cheese, roasted with dark sesame oil.


- sesame flour cookies of different varieties (covered with walnut, coconut, jam, custard, sugar, sesame or amaranth)


- Water of horchata with sesame flour.


- Dip artichoke, spinach and dehydrated tomato with cream of goat cheese and cream cheese, sautéed with sesame oil.


- Sesame bread with balsamic vinaigrette of clear and dark sesame oil (combined) covered with parmesan cheese, ranchero and mozzarella.


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