It is a social enterprise located in the municipality of Magdalena Tequisistlán, in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, which supports Indigenous Peoples and peasant communities and marginalized urban areas, contributing to its sustainable development, socially just and equitable. For this we promote the technical strengthening in the management of its indigenous territory, added value to its products and niches of fair, ecological and organic markets.


  Financial, administrative, legal, technological systems, environmental sanitation and alternative community health are also provided. To this end, committed actions of research, communication, reflection, diffusion, education, technical assistance, accompaniment and liaison


Provide counseling, accompaniment, training and committed support to Indigenous Peoples, peasant communities and marginalized urban areas, for the defense and care of their land and territories, as well as for the management, conservation and sustainable use of their natural resources.


This is based on land use planning, training and advice on sustainable agriculture, ecological livestock, agro-industrial processes, marketing, financial, administrative, legal, technological systems, environmental sanitation and alternative community health. Applying our values of equity, social justice, transparency, honesty, respect, punctuality, cleanliness and responsibility.


To be a social enterprise, which provides high quality services in the fields of sustainable agriculture, ecological livestock, agroindustrial process, financial advisory, legal, environmental sanitation, alternative community health and conservation, restoration, protection and sustainable management of natural resources. With specialized professional staff and the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the quality of its services.


Generate sustainable community processes based on the promotion of agroecological techniques and methodologies in different processes: Agricultural, forestry, livestock, industrial, commercial, financial, legal, education, environmental sanitation and community health.


- Advise and train to generate community agro-ecological plots, environmental sanitation and community health.


- Advise and train to achieve cooperatives committed to the process of organic livestock


- Advise and train to promote community forestry enterprises.


- Advise the social companies in administration, added value of their products, commercialization, as well as in aspects, legal technological systems, financial and management of economic resources. E) Advise and train in community aquaculture systems.




Calle 19 de marzo s/n. colonia san José,

Magdalena Tequisistlán, Oaxaca.

C.P.  70740

Tel: 01 955 72 121 38